Jem Main : Migration Myth Metaphor

Jem Main : Migration Myth Metaphor

20th July 2024

A journey to the ‘rim of the world’

In this inaugural exhibition for the Drawing Room, Migration Myth Metaphor shows new and recent work from Jem Main. Jem worked as the Creative Director for Dorset Visual Arts before retiring in 2023 and relocating to the Isle of Luing – pronounced L’ing, where the constantly shifting weather, light and tide now inform his artistic process.

“A suite of poetic, abstract, and what now seem almost prophetic, drawings and reliefs navigating the calling of a restless spirit. One now caught in a liminal space, struggling to edit the experience of arriving from Dorset to live on Luing in an, at times, overwhelming environment in order to express something about this small, wildly beautiful, rugged, inner Hebridean island.  

After four seasons, my visual vocabulary is only just beginning to find any sort of form. Whereas, this poem by poet, and new friend, Norman Bissell expresses the spirit of place so simply:” 

Slate, Sea and Sky

An island on the rim of the world
in that space between slate, sea and sky
where air and ocean currents
are plays of wild energy
and the light changes everything

Norman Bissell


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