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Sally Maltby

Image Making/Design

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My constant inspiration is natural form and I am continually investigating the best ways to express this. My main passion is rocks and cliff faces – with the occasional palm tree thrown in – the mathematical patterns of the spaces between the fronds....... (Holiday photos in the past feature few of the children and lots of Palm Trees) My work is based on landscapes but expressionistic as I learn more about the geology of the various sites. The underlying nature of our glorious world provides me with constant inspiration. I live in Dorset, England on the World Heritage Site the Jurassic Coast but have recently visited Arizona and Utah and visited wonderful sites from Bryce and White Pocket to the Grand Canyon and a lot in between. I use watercolor and gouache as I find these material – water based –the most sympathetic to work with. Hand made Khadi paper provides the ideal base. I have been an artist/designer all my life specializing in plant and architectural subjects (see Bridgeman Library for more information) and have illustrated many books – I’m also very interested in the digital side of things and animation. Boat trips along the Jurassic Coast sparked off my deep interest in strata and I’ve gone on from there.

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