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Rosie Britton

Abstract and semi abstract, inspired by a love of West Dorset and other special places

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My greatest loves are painting and drawing as well as collaging, collagraph printing, and- more recently- digital art, and I am an enthusiastic journal and sketch-book creator, including a seven volume journal of drawings, photos and writing about our garden through the year. I am never happier than when taking part in projects. One of the most exciting was when a group I belonged to was invited to be the resident artists at the Glastonbury Festival as the culmination of a fascinating project on the preparations for the Festival over the course of the year, though sadly at the last minute illness prevented me from attending the festival itself. Two others resulted from invitations to mount exhibitions at Glastonbury Abbey. When I was a student Mark Hix commissioned us to undertake a very unusual one on meals as celebrations of friendship, as a result of which one of my paintings was chosen for his restaurant. (see Blog on my website). Together with Sarah Bovey, I spent happy months on one based on the travels of Tess of the D'Urbevilles throughout Dorset. More recently I have explored some of the magnificent churches of West Dorset and at present Sarah and I are engaged in a project entitled 'In search of Lost Time' in which we revisit and celebrate special moment in special places. See Sarah's work on Instagram @sarah_bovey_art and mine on Instagram @rosiebrittonpainter. Please note that Gray's Farmhouse, our venue, is not as marked but at the end of the track shown bottom left of the map. Grays Farm is on the OS map, 1.5 miles due west of Toller Porcorum.

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