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Robert Woolner

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My recent work is more concerned with an exploration of the grid and the use of colour, light and atmosphere. My aim is to make quiet contemplative work. I continue to make smaller and more textural pieces in mixed media which often act as drawings for larger work. I like to revisit themes I have used and usually work in series, endlessly fascinated by the possibilities contained in a small piece of information. Other references include architectural plans and maps, also natural and found objects. Biographical notes Robert Woolner was born in Jamaica in 1946 and was trained at Camberwell School of Art. He has lived in Dorset for the past 35 years and works at his studio near Shaftesbury. As a student his tutors incuded Frank Auerbach and Euan Uglow and drawing was at the centre of his practice. In the sixties Woolner was greatly influenced by the American Abstract Expressionists and his paintings have moved towards abstraction during his career. He has exhibited widely in many group exhibitions including the RA and RWA, Bournemouth University and the Russell Cotes Museum. Since 1991 he has held at least one solo show each year and venues include Dorset, London and the British Embassy in Paris. His work is featured in the FISHBAR publication ROBERT WOOLNER WORKS 2000 - 2016 with commentary by John Renner, also in Reinventing the Landscape - Canterton Books and 50 Wessex Artists published by Evolver. For further information contact Robert Woolner at [email protected] or click the link to my website.

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