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Rachel Celia


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I have exhibited 3D work frequently in London including the V&A. While raising 2 children, working as a midwife and then counsellor, I started experimenting with 3D work starting with clay, progressed to casting and then welding steel, and using other metals. Having exhausted the joints in my hands however, and after a fairly lengthy tantrum, I have recently started working with machine embroidery and most recently, hand embroidery, to which I was introduced as a child and I have continued to explore at various stages throughout my life. Most of my work, in any medium, has been figurative and a reflection of the concerns of my life at that time: the obvious, obscure, personal, political, joyful or not. I am observing that in more recent years it is much more focused on the natural world beyond myself in all its realities, both physical and metophorical.

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