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Jacqui Sieger

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Art has always been a Hobby for Jacqui, who is a self-taught Contemporary Impressionist Artist. Painting has always been a form of relaxation and escape over the years with steady sales to private local people. It was not until early retirement from her business in North Yorkshire of Leather Goods and Horse Clothing, that she started to paint again depicting her love for the ever-changing colours of the sea and countryside, all of which have so influenced her life. Over the years her work has been shown at the Spring Fair at the Birmingham NEC show and the Atlanta Art Expo Show, Georgia. Over the past fifteen years all the images Jacqui has painted has been Published on most Mediums and sold to private collectors. The Sea and Landscape has always been a big part of Jacqui’s life and now her Impressionist Oil paintings are much sought after. There is an intriguing method to Jacqui’s method of painting using a multi layer technique of aluminous Acrylic paint a with thin oil colour over the top, creating an effect of 3D, with the ever-changing light of the room. The mood changes in the painting. There is a beautiful peaceful aspect to the paintings, which has been admired with the clients now collecting her work. Ten years ago Jacqui started printing her own greeting cards, which are now being sold in most of the local Post Offices and local gift shops. This year there has been a new Studio installed in the garden, so the general public can come and see her work or look at Original work. Prints in most sizes are available and Commissions on most subjects are accepted.

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