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Colin Tracy

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Working with a camera or paintbrush are ways I see beyond ‘me’…. My parents were both keen photographers, gardeners and creatives, always interested and absorbed by the flowers and plants, insects, birds and other beings around them. Growing up, cameras were ever-present and the showing of photographs and cine film was a frequent occurrence in the family. Creativity was never far away. Largely inspired by a spell in the tropics when I was boy - where the warmth, colour and sheer vibrancy and abundance of life left a lasting impression, I too became amazed at the beauty of the natural world. The seemingly infinite number of different life forms! I am constantly amazed by life! It is this amazement that l want to convey with my camera or with the brush when painting. With no goal other than to simply be present, I wait to see what arises and what catches my attention, and make an image that conveys the essence of what l have seen. https://fullyfocusedphotos.photodeck.com/

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