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Al Dickson

A Wolf and I

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Once upon a time there was a little curly haired girl who liked climbing trees and hunting pixies and making stuff. In a strange kingdom, just east of London, she met a little hairy boy who liked wheels and fast things and making stuff and they liked each other so they hooked up. One day they climbed aboard a shiny silver steed and rode to a land far far away where they were married amidst mountains and lakes and wilderness. On their return they decided they would create an enchanted world for themselves where they could live among the fabulous creatures found in fairytales from far and wide. Enchanting sterling silver and gold Jewellery forged from the overactive imaginations of award winning jewellery designer / makers Jesa Marshall & Al Marshall. Welcome! Come on in and have a look around… you’ll find silver necklaces laced with pearls, silver poison rings (just in case…) , magical charm bracelets to keep you safe and sterling silver Norse Troll rings Often, people comment on how we work together all the time ....apparently this is strange for married couples. We love it...we shut ourselves away in our sunny workshop in Dorset, put on some kicking sounds and get making! I ( Jesa) am the one who generally makes the wax models which we cast into silver. I just get totally absorbed when carving wax and making teeny critters. Al does a lot of the putting together and finishing....a great team we think!! We use only top quality Sterling Silver and gold of all carats and colours (depending on the piece), which is hallmarked with the 'A Wolf and I' mark at the London Assay Office. Our gemstones are sourced from all over the world and we particularly like to use ethically sourced gems if possible. We sell our work directly as well as through shops throughout the UK and Europe and we often exhibit at International Jewellery shows in London. We also love to work to commission, creating individual pieces designed specifically for our customers. We create wedding rings, engagement rings, eternity rings, personal lockets, anniversary gifts....all sorts of everything! Life is never dull! As well as making jewellery we get a huge kick from teaching others how to work with precious metals too! We also run Flux n Flame Jewellery School in Dorset UK which is an independent school, set up by us 12 years ago. It is now a thriving centre for all things jewellery and we a so proud to pass on our passion to others. Life's good :) www.etsy.com/uk/shop/AWolfandI

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