Drawing on Dorset

Drawing on Dorset

Congratulations to all those who have been selected for our publication: Drawing on Dorset. We will post a list of participants once all confirmations are in place.

The publication will explore current themes, trends, and innovations in contemporary drawing practices. We are looking for work that interrogates the boundaries of what drawing is and can be - drawing in all its possibilities.

This will be presented in the form of a publication and an exhibition at the Fine Foundation Gallery, Durlston Castle, Swanage, in July 2019.

We are pleased to announce our selection panel to include:
Tania Kovats - Artist and Professor of Drawing at Bath Spa University
Deborah Harty - Artist - Researcher
Tim Knowles - Artist - Curator

The publication will focus on an expanded notion of drawing made in Dorset, of Dorset or about Dorset. It will include written contributions contextualising the selection and reflecting new thinking about drawing, with a foreword by Professor Anita Taylor, Executive Dean of Bath School of Art and Design and founding Director of the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize. Anita will also be part of the selection panel.

Inclusion price is £250 payable on selection. This is a not for profit publication and the inclusion price is necessary only to cover publication and exhibition costs. There is no submission fee. All selected artists will receive 20 free copies for their own use. The publication will retail at an estimated price of £15, giving the opportunity to recoup £300 if all copies are sold.


The reference to drawings made ‘in’, ‘of’, and ‘about’, Dorset ensures the final selection spans the breadth of drawings made from observation, experience and imagination as well as experimental and other interrogative means of exploring stimuli and material interpretations of what drawing is today. In particular, categorising work made ‘in Dorset’ ensures the representation of artist’s whose work doesn’t - at least in any direct way - arise from the place.


We will be publishing a high standard coffee table style physical book, with drawings on uncoated paper. We plan to print 2,000 copies in approximately a  220x220mm (Case bound) or 235x235mm (soft cover) format, but I must emphasise that the finer details haven’t been finalised as yet. Each selected artist will receive 20 copies free of charge for themselves to either sell at the estimated retail price of £15 or to keep or distribute as a marketing tool as they please.

It will have an ISBN number and barcode and we will get it out in as many local bookshops and galleries as possible, then further afield - as we have with our Making Dorset publication, into specialist retailers, we will also make it available online.

A certain amount will go into relevant local and academic/university libraries.

The design is such that each artist would have a double page spread, with the image to the right and the accompanying statement to the left. All the biographical information will be in the back.


Monday 1 July: Delivery of work to Dorset Visual Arts office, Little Keep, Dorchester, 10am - 5pm OR

Wednesday 3 July: Delivery of work to Fine Foundation Gallery, Durlston, Swanage, 10am - 12noon

Friday 5 - Wednesday 17 July 2019: Drawn to Dorset: Fifty Drawings Exhibition

Thursday 18 July 2019: Collection of work from Fine Foundation Gallery, Durlston, Swanage


Is a charitable organisation for artists, designers and makers living and working in the county. The organisation has an educational remit and develops activities and events that assist artists to bring their work to public attention and to engage the public in a better understanding and appreciation of their work.

It should be made clear that Drawing on Dorset is a Not for Profit publication and the entry fee is asked purely to pay for the publication itself: printing, design fees etc, plus the exhibiition.

Please note that this is not a submission fee and payment will be made only by those selected. There is also the opportunity to recoup your entry fee by selling the 20 copies you are given free at the RRP of £15, equalling £300.

Dorset as a county is increasingly lacking in public exhibiting space. As venues have closed or moved their focus away from the visual arts, exhibiting work becomes ever harder. Our recent move into publications is a response to this.

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