Young and Emergent Artist Group

Young and Emergent Artist Group

Dorset Visual Arts (DVA) and artist Izzie Jobbins have set up a new grouping of artists focused on the needs and interests of young and emergent artists, designers, and makers. We are now accepting applications to join the new group and become a member of Dorset Visual Arts. 


Who is eligible? 

This new group is open to young and emergent artists, designers, and makers based in  Dorset. While artists of any age can apply, we are looking for artists at the beginning of their  professional career who would benefit from a support network of those in a similar position.

This includes: 

  • Those who have recently completed a relevant arts or design foundation degree,  undergraduate degree, or arts A-level.
  • Those who have recently moved back to the area and are looking for a support network. 
  • Professional artists at the beginning of their career. 
  • Emergent artists who are looking to start their career. 

You must be based in Dorset to be a part of this group.


To apply: 

Please send the following to Izzie at [email protected]:

  • A short Artist Statement (150-250 words).
  • A portfolio of recent work. This could be a link to a website, social media pages, or a short document of images/videos. 
  • A short statement on why you want to join the new group. (150-250 words). 


About the group:

This group will focus on bringing together artists to share ideas, knowledge, skills, and  critical discourse. Emergent and young artists will help to shape the group so that it works with their needs in mind. Their input will be encouraged to ensure the group  works for them and enriches their artistic practice. Regular in-person meetings will take  place, with some meetings taking place online.

Alongside this, DVA will need to ensure that, in-turn, the group functions in ways that  support its arts and education charity status. A primary purpose of DVA is finding ways to  bring artists and the public together in a better understanding of the place and cultural  importance of the visual arts. DVA will try to provide access to artists, designers and makers  who can support the group with advice if requested and appropriate. 

Professional practice underpins this. Therefore, as is the case with DVA’s other Project  Groups, this new group’s activity will primarily focus on peer-review. This will include sharing knowledge and experiences in ways that provide critical discourse that supports their own and the 'collectives' professional practice. Collaborations, exhibitions, and occasional projects will no-doubt be relevant and positive consequences of the process. A cornerstone of our work is to ensure the use of inclusive, supportive and, as far as possible - jargon-free language. Therefore, in line with our other Project Groups, this new group will be expected to develop an approach to critical reviews that employs encouraging language.

Alongside regular meetings we hope to run workshops and social events to help nurture support and camaraderie between artists. It is important that we create an environment that is welcoming and hope that group activities will encourage this. We will be asking for further input from group members on this to ensure these activities support the development of the group.

 DVA is offering free membership until the start of its new Membership Year in October. Members will then be expected to join DVA as a Project Member but with the benefit of the discounted rate for Emergent Artists, around £25, which applies for 2yrs. Each Member will have their own webpage and DVA will set-up an on-line Gallery Page which the group can use to curate an on-going series of on-line exhibitions.

We look forward to receiving your applications. Please feel free to send any questions to [email protected].


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