Dorset Art Weeks 2022

Dorset Art Weeks 2022

Dorset Art Weeks 2022

14 May - 29 May

Open + Online Studios, Exhibitions and Events

The 2022 dates take aount of the Queen's Platinum Jubileee celebrations.

We are pleased to announce that Paul Newman will be the DAW Producer / Director, taking over from Megan in the course of October.  The DAW 2022 offer has already been outlined in previous correspondence with the caveats that reviewing the outcomes of this year's event will determine the actual terms.  Paul has considerable, relevant experience as one of the producers of Somerset Art Weeks and brings ideas and practical knowledge to the challenges we face - as do all similar open studio events - overcoming the impact of Covid and developing more contemporary communicaton strategies to encourage a wider demograhpic to visit us.

The detailed informaton needed to participate - either as a participant involved in this year's event, or newly joining - will be put on a dedicated artist's page on the Dorset Art Weeks website:                                            This will ensure that all participating artists - including those in group entries can track progress towards the event and ensure they don't miss essential information and guidance.  E-News up-dates and alerts will still go to the named  - or lead artist - of an entry. 

Relevant to all 2021 paricipants,  Paul's first announcement will confirm the amount of the previously announced admininstration fee which will be necessary to roll-over and amend your current entry.  





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