Dorset Art Weeks 2020

Dorset Art Weeks 2020

Dorset Visual Arts is making changes to Art Weeks. It believes it is time to take positive steps to
both re-fresh the event, address the themes raised in feedback and the long experience of many
involved. Our overarching aim is to focus on making the event better for visitors and address the
themes raised by artists - quality, cost and demographics.

Thanks are due to those who have sent feedback or contributed to the conversations that have
given us the confidence to make significant changes.

The accompanying document is principally addressed to artists who have previously taken part so
the changes can be seen in that context. It includes a diagram showing how these changes
translate in the DAW Guide. A separate, simple announcement will be released for the public
along with a call to new artists and makers in due course.

Download the Dorset Art Week 'A fresh Approach' document here or view below:  


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