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‘Ashmore – A Village Study’ 28 September 2013

‘Ashmore – A Village Study’

An exhibition of photographic work, based on site-specific research,
by recent AUB Fine Art graduate and DVA artist Dunja Wood.


Following the chance discovery of an old photograph, taken in

1907 and featuring the village children posing on the frozen village

pond at Ashmore, Dunja decided to use this beautiful Dorset

village as a vehicle for her university art project.

The initial discovery, led to a body of work being created between

2010 and 2013. As Dunja states: “ I soon discovered that it was

difficult to portray the multifaceted identity of the village through

one work alone.”

A selection of this work can be seen at the forthcoming exhibition

in Ashmore Village Hall: on Sat. 19th & Sun. 20th October, 

the exhibition is open between 10am and 4pm.

With an interest in the photographic archive, Dunja’s practice

rests on the border between art, documentary photography and

anthropology. She uses photography, video and other media to

explore issues surrounding identity, gathering her information

through site-specific research.

The composite portrait, Ashmore - a Village Portrait 2012, is

made up of around 125 individually framed digital photographs,

selected from over 700 images collected from many of the village

households. In contrast to the outsider view of this ‘chocolate box’

village, this collection of family photographs presents an insider

view of the place, albeit mediated by the artist. The individual

images each have their own special meanings and histories for

the villagers, as individuals and as a group. However without this

knowledge each photograph can still be read in it’s own context

and within the installation juxtapositions of images, formed in

response to Dunja’s fieldwork, create new narratives.

Dunja is producing a book version of the Ashmore - a Village

Portrait. The book will contain a different selection of images and

will be on sale at the exhibition.

The Kaleidoscope series celebrates the Ashmore annual

Midsummer folk-dance event called the Filly Loo. The computer

manipulated images display the patterns of dance.

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