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Dorset Visual Arts is a not for profit organisation developing and promoting a variety of opportunities for artists, designers and makers across the spectrum of the visual arts to showcase and sell their work.

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Galiani Glass

Kiln Formed Glass Wall Art & Splashbacks, Lampwork, Silversmithing

Based near Poole, skilled local artists Ian and Gail create high-quality, and original, artisan glass art using a range of techniques to design and create powerful contemporary art for homes and gardens.
Every piece is inspired by our love of vibrant colours intertwined with light, space, reflection and form to invoke a powerful visual experience. As artists / designers we work to create original and private commissions for everyday use.
Private commissions allow us to work closely with you to work with the colour base you are looking to use and then creating the design with your input throughout the process. Being based locally means you can visit our Studio and talk about the different ways we can help meet your needs and use glass to create your own special piece of glass art. Every commission is signed and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity for you.
With 10-years of working with glass, we specialise in creating glass features for walls, kitchens and bathrooms that will always catch the eye. Glass has that unique quality of adapting to the light of the day and reflecting light on different surfaces.
Wall art glass catches the eye in a way that other art doesn’t and craves attention. You can incorporate the virtues of glass into your kitchen or bathroom, where the glass will add a vibrancy to the room with its amazing colours while remaining easy to clean and manage.
As well as our glass artworks, we also look to incorporate glass into our creative glass and silver jewellery collections, designing and making our very own glass beads using Italian glass ‘in the flame’.
We invite you to our working studio, where you will receive a warm welcome and tea/coffee while you view many of our original artworks, work-in-progress and chat about our passion for glass. So why not take a little time to contact us and arrange your personal visit.

Unit B3
Admiralty Park
Station Road
Holton Heath
Dorset BH16 6HX
United Kingdom

Telephone: 07980 765753