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Atmosphere Images Photography - Gilly Hopson

I am a Nature and Landscape Photographer specializing in creating unique and atmospheric images of Dorset and the West Country. I have a deep love of nature and the land and am very much drawn to our ancient and sacred sites, therefore much of my work is centered around these mystical places.

I find my inspiration in the beauty of nature and the landscape around me, and through my photography I endeavour to display the magic of our natural world, which I hope, in turn, will inspire others to look more closely at our “secret land”.

I have over 25 years experience in the field of photography, having first started out using film, and now currently digital. I view my photography as an art form, therefore many of my images have an ethereal and painterly feel to them.

I welcome photographic commissions in a huge variety of styles…...from pets and animals, gardens and architecture through to portraits and events.