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Lorraine Bowley

Textile/Mixed Media based Collage

My earlier portfolio of work manifested itself in the form of miniature matchbox sculptural narratives that evoke personal tales of love, loss, longing and hope. Butterflies predominantly feature in the collection and help to represent the fragile beauty and ephemeral nature of existence. The obsessive bond of motherhood and of the need to protect, nurture and love is embedded in my creations. The nature of relationships are symbolised with the use of small collections of personalised objects. Surface treatment of my sculptures involve embedded text and scarred surface that expose the vulnerable nature of the experience.
My recent collection is the experimentation of layering vintage ephemera. Old cotton reels and keys as well as butterflies seemed a natural aspect and link with my matchbox sculptures. The link with memories of the past, the tension between the materials and threads and the delicate quality of the materials again expose the vulnerable nature of the memory or past experience of life’s journey to this point.