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Guy Martin


My sculpture emerges from a process informed by my history, experience and skills, where a dialogue begins in the studio with little more than a sense of the moment and a part. The parts are initially random, however I am an object maker and the object interrogates the metaphysical   -  abstract concepts, presence, substance, cause, identity, time, space and gravity. I ‘fish around’ for an idea without knowing what the idea is until it ‘turns up’. Ideas are likely to be ambiguous with metaphoric possibility; they might have unconscious origins in other activities, poetry, literature, music or TV dramas. I think through my hands and emotions and stop when I ‘feel’ completion has arrived. If a work has been commissioned then the idea will emerge from research and the engineering will affect the outcome whilst retaining some spontaneity. I try to keep this feeling light by the way I work the chosen materials.

The studio activity is enriched by the moods of everyday life, the struggles, challenges and delights therefore might have a presence in a work. Works can be dark or optimistic. I also see a sense of place appearing in the work. I have lived and worked in West Dorset for twenty-five years, the environment, the times in which we live, the people, touch my life.

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