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Ian Rowden

Ian never had the opportunity to pursue art at school and was advised to study technical drawing; this led to a career as an Architectural Technician.
Due to the technical nature of the job and the lack of artistic expression Ian left this profession at the early age of 20.
In Ian’s second choice of career as a therapist he employed a psychoanalytical approach where art was used as a therapy.
Upon retirement, Ian’s interest in art resulted in the completion of Diploma and Art and Design. He joined a local art group where he was keen to develop art in the community.
More recently, Ian has been developing his techniques with his art and has exhibited this new work.
Ian’s art portrays his interest in symbolism and allegory, which he references with Greek and Roman mythological themes. 
Currently, Ian has been experimenting with making simple montages combining digital images of mannequins, which are synthesised with a background.
These images are printed directly onto an aluminium plate that has a highly reflective surface.
At present Ian does not use Photoshop or any equivalent.

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