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Stephen Bithell

Painting & Drawing

Contemporary interpretation of traditional landscape painting portraying countryside and coastline in all moods, from light and tranquil to foreboding and isolating.
 Creating a tradition-based language in oil on canvas with modern view points and compositions. 
Also developing a series communicating interest in more controversial subjects; the invasion of self-seeding rape seed and the loss of green belt areas to relief roads. 
Loved or loathed the introduction of oilseed rape to the English countryside is a stunning sight which has come to dominate the view at certain times of the year.
 I first started painting this attention grabbing subject back in 2000 when it was relatively rare, now 7 years on its planting has spread widely and more interesting is the quantity of self seeded plants into hedgerows, alongside bypasses and even town paths and gardens.
The challenge for me as a landscape painter following the English tradition is to convincingly use so much of this acidic, unnatural looking colour. 
2010 finds me painting the Dorset coastline from Studland to Portland and back, as well as the views that have been lost to the Relief Road through the chalk downs of the Ridgeway, from photographic sketches/drawings.